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Bids for Kids Auction, City Building, Circa 1989
Pictured left to right: Ed Porter, Randy Good, Margaret Dodd, David Gould and Betty Land

History of the Bids for Kids Auction 

The Bids for Kids auction began in 1982 on the radio and provided much needed funding to the Exchange Club Family Resource Center.  Items were described over the radio and sold to the highest bidder.  The high bidder would pick up a slip to take to the merchant and redeem their item.

In 1988 it was decided to put the auction on T.V. and, as they say, the rest is history.  In 2013, the auction celebrated its 25th year of raising money for the Exchange Club Family Resource Center and their programs of child abuse prevention.  Bids for Kids continues to be the only auction produced and “televised live” in Madison County.

Over 1,400 items are donated to Bids for Kids and auctioned in lots of 10 items each.  More than 100 lots are auctioned during the 20 hour live broadcast on Comcast Cable Channel 18 or AT&T Uverse channel 99.  Items are normally new although we reserved the right to accept gently used items.

Sponsorships are available ranging from the Platinum Level of $10,000 to $250.  Through sponsorships, Bids for Kids is able to pay expenses and insures that all monies raised through the auction and other fund raisers will be donated, in full, to the Exchange Club Family Resource Center.  Each year, the auction, sponsorships, and fundraisers raise around $65,000 to $75,000!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the sponsors, donators, and participants that make the Bids for Kids T.V. Auction a success.  With your help, we are making the lives of children in Madison County safer and stopping the cycle of child abuse.

 Childrens Bureau CB Sign

Children’s Bureau / Exchange Club

Family Resource Center

- Agency History -


In 1979, the National Exchange Club adopted the child abuse problem as a national project.  Subsequently, the National Exchange Club Foundation for the Prevention of Child Abuse was established to encourage and support the development of non-profit Child Abuse Prevention Centers throughout the nation.

The Exchange Clubs in Madison County, along with the Madison County Child Abuse Council, worked jointly in the formation of a center for the Anderson area.  In January of 1983, the Exchange Club Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse of Madison County, Inc., became operational as the 11th such Center in the nation.  Today, there are 50 Exchange Club Centers across the country, all providing intervention services to abusing parents and prevention programs to those at high risk of abusing.

For parents who have a desire to learn positive parenting skills, the Center provides opportunities for establishing healthy family relationship in an effort to prevent even the possibility of abuse.  Referrals of abusive and at-risk families are made to the Exchange Club Center by the Madison County Child Protective Services and other local human service agencies or professionals.  In addition, the Center receives self referrals.

The Exchange Club Center’s focal program is the Parent Aide: a patient, nonjudgmental volunteer who serves as a model of good parenting for the client / parent(s).  Under the supervision of the Center’s professional staff, the Parent Aide helps the parent(s) learn new life skills, improve sell-esteem, develop self-confidence, and change child rearing practices.  The relationship that develops between the client / parent and volunteer parent aide is the catalyst that changes established patterns of abuse and neglect with more effective means of parenting.

We sincerely thank you for supporting the Family Resource Center and programs of child abuse prevention in Madison County.

National Exchage Club   Childrens Bureau, Inc.

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