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Countdown to Auction:
Countdown to Auction:
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How It Works

1.    Get a Bidder Number
Call our information line during the auction 765-442-1250 and give our operator your name, email and phone number.
The operator will give you a bidder number .
* If you have bid at the auction before, call our information line and give the operator your telephone number.
They will be able to look up your bidder number.*
2.    Watch the Bids for Kids Auction!
The auction begins on Friday, November 4th 2015 at 6:00pm and runs till midnight. The auction is back on the air Saturday November 5th from 10:00am to midnight. You can watch us on Comcast 18, AT&T Uverse channel 99 or come down and bid from the audience at the Anderson City Hall Auditorium, 120 E. 8th St. Items are split into 150 plus lots of 8-10 items. Lot durations vary from 3-6 minutes. There are also some specialty lots for segments like “Begging for Dollars” and our “Big Item Hour” on Saturday night.
3.    Bid High and Bid Often!
To place a bid on an item, call the bidder line 765-442-1251 during the auction. Each item has its own Item number which is displayed on tv during the lot. When placing a bid, make sure to give our phone bank operators your bidder number, the item number and the you bid amount. (Bid amounts must be in whole dollars) The operator will confirm your identity and that your bid has been accepted. Watch for your name at the bottom of the screen during the next lot to see if you have won your item!
4.    Come Pick up or Items from the City of Anderson auditorium
After you have won your item(s), make sure to get up to the Anderson City Hall Auditorium at 120 E. 8th St. to settle up and pick up your winnings!  Items can be picked up anytime during the auction Friday and Saturday. Come into the lobby of the auditorium and check out with one of our clerks. They will give you a receipt and guide you to the pick-up area. If you have purchased a large item and need assistance, we have volunteers available to help you load it up!
All items must be picked up prior to 3:00pm on Sunday.

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