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Countdown to Auction:
Countdown to Auction:
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How To Donate

Bids for kids auction fun fact:
Did you know it takes between 1200 and 1500 items to fill the lots for our 20 hour broadcast?

Without the generous donations of local business and individuals, the auction would not be possible. The Exchange Club Foundation of Anderson, INC DBA: Bids for Kids is a 501c(3) organization. Donations to the foundation may be tax deductible for you or your business.

Become a Sponsor!
Sponsorship dollars help us to cover the expenses incurred in putting on the auction. This money ensures that our overhead is paid so that all of the proceeds from the auction stay in the community and go directly to helping kids.  There are several sponsorship levels. Sponsors receive anything from special mentions during the show to commercial spots and even an opportunity to man your own phone bank for 2 hours. Contact Kris Jones at 765-278-8108 to discuss what level is right for you. It’s a great way to advertise your business!

Monetary Donations
Bids for Kids sells lots of gift cards to different places in Madison County, many of these certificates are donated and some are purchased with funds received from generous donors.  A $100 donation prior to the auction will get your name on 4 $25 gift certificates that will be auctioned and different points in the show. Your name will be mentioned each time one of your certificates is sold. This is just one example of the many ways Bids for Kids can put your dollars to work for a good cause. Use the contact us link to get more information on how to help.

Donate Items
It takes over 1500 items to fill our lots at Bids for Kids! We are looking for items that anyone may be interested in purchasing during the auction. Typically, the minimum value of an item during the auction is $10-$15. If we received items with values of $10 or less, those items may be sold with another item in our inventory on the show. To donate an item(s), you can drop them off at the Madison County Federal Credit Union’s 8th Street location or contact a board member by clicking here.

Donate Time
It takes 30 volunteers per hour to make our auction run smoothly. If you have some free time during the last weekend in April and would like to help out, please contact Deanna West to schedule some time to come work with us!  There are several positions where we could use help and plenty of people to teach you what you need to know to be a part of the auction.  Please contact Deanna a few weeks before the auction to allow enough time to finalize scheduling.

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