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Fred Sweigart


Fred SweigartFred Sweigart is a graduate of Anderson High School class of 1970. He has worked in the plumbing trade since high school, opening his own business, Sweigart’s Plumbing in 1980.

Fred became an Exchange Club member joining the Breakfast Exchange of Anderson in 1982. He became involved with the clubs Radio Auction to support the Exchange Clubs Child Abuse Prevention Center the same year. He was elected to the Centers board that same year and has served in that capacity since. He was elected twice as president of that board.  When the Exchange Clubs Foundation DBA Bids for Kids not for profit was formed he became a member of that board and was elected president twice.

Fred was Chairman of the building committee when the new center was built at 1102 W 14th Street here in Anderson. The Building was dedicated in 1993. All funds to build the building were raised through the auction.

Fred has received the following awards:

            With the Exchange Club: Club President, Distinguished Club Secretary, Club Treasurer, Outstanding District Director, President of the Central Indiana District Exchange Clubs, President of the Indiana District Exchange Clubs, District Exchangite of the Year, the Charles F. Braddock Award, National Club Builder Award and is a member of the National Exchange Clubs Court of Honor.

In addition to Bids for Kids, Fred has served on the board of the Indiana Association of Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contracts, served on the board of Habitat for Humanities and has been a member of the Madison County Builders Association.

Fred has been happily married to Peggy for 40 years. 

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